[UFO Chicago] Free Operating Systems Other Than Linux And *BSD

Jay F. Shachter jay at m5.chicago.il.us
Sat Jan 16 17:07:22 PST 2016

> PS any discussions of operating systems other then Linux/BSD at the 
> meetings?  Any open solaris fans at the meetings?

There may be OpenSolaris fans at the meetings, but it is unlikely that
any of us are actually using OpenSolaris in production systems, since
there has been no OpenSolaris distribution since November 2010.  No
work is being done on OpenSolaris, and no further work will be done on

However, there are systems derived from OpenSolaris that are being
actively developed -- OpenIndiana (the "ian" in "OpenIndiana" has the
same etymology as the "ian" in "Debian" -- both projects were headed
by the late Ian Murdock), SmartOS, Tribblix, XStreamOS.

And, since UFO stands for "Users of Free Operating systems", I should
point out that Solaris 11 and OpenSXCE are also free operating systems
-- "free" in the sense that they do not cost anything -- that are
derived from OpenSolaris, although neither is open-source (actually,
http://opensxce.org is current down, but that is expected to be

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