[UFO Chicago] Anybody have experience with low end 3D printers?

Carey Tyler Schug sqrfolkdnc at comcast.net
Thu Jan 7 09:19:33 PST 2016

Under Linux, of course. since it seems many may be windows only.

Initial purpose would be to produce name badges or other similar 
pins/tokens, possibly for political or social cause.

For instance something like this:

What are the gotchas?  How expensive is the material?  Is it safe to 
make items to be used for food?

Assume I am completely ignorant.


PS any discussions of operating systems other then Linux/BSD at the 
meetings?  Any open solaris fans at the meetings?

The web page gives the DAYs and LOCATION for meetings, but not the our 
of the day, as far as I can find.

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