[UFO Chicago] Plpbt.bin Only Boots From Primary Slices

eviljoel eviljoel at linux.com
Wed Jun 3 20:29:51 PDT 2015

Hey Jay,

The Linux Kernel has the ability to boot directly to other operating
systems. The Kernel feature is called kexec. Not sure if there is a
usermode app that takes advantage of this feature.


On 06/03/2015 03:28 PM, Jay F. Shachter wrote:
> Centuries ago, Nostradamus predicted that Greg Neumarke would write on Wed Jun  3 13:35:09 2015:
>> On 6/3/2015 1:41 PM, Jay F. Shachter wrote:
>>> Is there another bootloader able to load programs from a region of the
>>> disk that the BIOS cannot see?
>> I've had success with the Plop boot manager when others have failed:
>> https://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager/index.html
>> I don't know if it will address the exact problem you are having, but it 
>> is worth a look. I've used it because it allows an older computer, whose 
>> BIOS normally doesn't know how to boot from USB, boot from USB.
>> I've also used to to boot into a Dell recovery partition when the normal 
>> bootloader/MBR  has been overwritten.
>> -Greg
> The plpbt.bin bootloader only boots from primary disk slices (and
> floppy, cdrom, and USB).  No way it's going to boot from sda7.
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