[UFO Chicago] "Free" as in "Beer"

Jay F. Shachter jay at m5.chicago.il.us
Wed Aug 12 18:52:59 PDT 2015

Friends and Colleagues:

On Tuesday evening, August 25, at 6:30pm, the Chicago C/C++ Users'
Group will meet at 150 South Wacker Drive, Room 1060, to hear and
discuss the presentation "Using NuGet to manage external dependencies
in Visual C++ builds".  From the event description (which can be found
in full at http://meetup.com/Chicago-C-CPP-Users-Group/events/223160712):

  Managing builds for large C++ projects using Visual Studio
  has always been difficult.  Keeping track of all of your
  external dependencies whether they are internally produced
  or third party can be a nightmare.  Usually you end up
  having to store all of your required lib and header files
  in your source control repository.  Other systems have had
  tools for to handle this, such as Maven or CMake.  But
  there was nothing that worked well with Visual C++ and
  MSBuild.  Now since version 2.5, NuGet supports MSBuild
  and C++ projects, making it possible to manage your
  dependencies by version directly in the IDE.  This talk
  will cover how to set up NuGet for Visual C++ projects,
  how to build your own native code NuGet packages, and how
  we were able to implement these tools at RealTick/EzeSoft.

Now, it is possible that the readers of this mailing list, who are
users of free operating systems, are unlikely to be people who use
Visual Studio.  However, there will be free pizza and beer at the
meeting, so that is a reason for going even if you do not use Visual
Studio.  Plus, you never know.  Today you are working on OpenBSD and
writing programs with ed, but you may lose your job tomorrow, and you
might find yourself working with Visual Studio, nothing is certain in
this life except the refreshing taste of cold beer at our August 25
meeting.  So come to our meeting (you can RSVP at the URL you saw
above, http://meetup.com/Chicago-C-CPP-Users-Group/events/223160712)
and meet a lot of attractive members of the opposite sex.  Did I
mention the beer?

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