[UFO Chicago] December 2 Meeting Of The Chicago C/C++ Users' Group -- The Bash Bug And The OpenSSL Bug

jay at m5.chicago.il.us jay at m5.chicago.il.us
Wed Nov 19 08:40:29 PST 2014

Fellow Users Of Free Operating Systems,

On October 31st, I sent out an e-mail soliciting a speaker for a
meeting of the Chicago C/C++ Users' Group, to discuss two famous bugs
in open-source software, the bash bug and the OpenSSL bug.  I think
it's fascinating that bugs of this magnitude can go undetected for so
long in open-source software, which can be inspected by anyone.

I did find a speaker to give a presentation on those two topics, and
our meeting is scheduled for Tuesday evening, December 2, 2014, at
6:30pm, at 10 South La Salle Street.  The full event description can
be found at http://meetup.com/Chicago-C-CPP-Users-Group/events/218769007
(I kept in the part about bash being the single most frequently-
invoked program in all of Unix, because it is dramatic).

Users of free operating systems are presumably also interested in all
manner of free open-source software, so I think there will be many
members of this mailing list who would be interested in attending this
event.  You can join the Chicago C/C++ Users' Group and RSVP for the
event at the URL that I gave in the previous paragraph.

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