[UFO Chicago] Looking for a simple document management system

Greg Neumarke greg at neumarke.net
Wed Sep 12 21:28:45 PDT 2012

On 9/12/2012 10:39 PM, Christopher D. Heer wrote:
> Hey folks.
> I'm looking for a simple document management system (open source) to run
> on a Debian/Ubuntu box for my son's small office:
> * Browser-based on the client side
> * Allows adding/listing/browsing/searching for files
> * Allows categorization along various lines (clients, file types, etc.)
> * Allows fine-grain access controls (by user or group -- no access, read
> access, write access, etc.)
> * Logs all file accesses
> Ideally it would also have some kind of check-in/check-out system and
> revision tracking, but that's not as critical.  So far everything I've
> looked at is either massively complicated (e.g. Nuxeo) or are too simple
> (OpenDocMan).
> I'll keep poring over what I can find, but I was curious if anybody here
> had any familiarity with packages like this.
> Thanks!
> --chris
> _________



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