[UFO Chicago] Quick question from a beginner

Alex MacKay chicagomackay at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 12:24:30 PDT 2012

Any assistance is appreciated.

1) Anyone in the Gold Coast or River North area that can meet for 30 minutes and assist me with basic Unix.  I would appreciate the assistance.  Saturday (tomorrow is out).
I work on a MacBook, looking to install (correctly) Xcode, Python, PostgreSQL and the other software needed to develop small apps and a database on my laptop.  Run basic reports against the PostgreSQL database.

2) of the 3 free IRC clients listed on the web site (irssi, xchat, Chatzilla) , which is the best of for Mac OS 10?  Xchat does now work on Mac?  ChatZilla does NOT work on Safari?  Is it narrowed down to irssi?  Use MacPorts to install?  Has anyone used MacIrssi?

3) the calendar section on the web page mentions meetings second Sunday and fourth Tuesday of every month at Golden Nugget Pancake House but not the time.  Any assistance?

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