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Subject: Followup on Coordinating Chicago computing groups; and note I have
	some other points about outreach activities
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   Our listing of Chicago area computing groups hosting speakers and so forth
   is coming along nicely at
   [1]http://tinyurl.com/cojc88q , though some Meetup groups did not respond
   with an email contact and so forth.
   If anybody not already having edit permission would care to contribute,
   they can request permission through that link.

   As far as I can tell, nobody has yet made a Google calendar and shared
   with [2]acm at chicagoacm.org (calendar at
   [3]http://tinyurl.com/d2t9srh ).
   If I'm wrong about that, let me know the email address and/or URL for the
   calendar you've shared, so I can try to track that down.

   The next ACM talk "Behind the scenes of Soundslice" as seen at
   [4]http://chicagoacm.org will be on 12/12, which puts it right in the
   middle of CSEdWeek ([5]http://csedweek.org).  I may also be doing some
   high school outreach activities during that week, but that is something I
   do throughout the year rather than just during CSEdWeek.

   If any of you have contacts at high schools (e.g., your alma mater) in
   Chicago that would be interested in having me and/or students come in to
   present about computing career opportunities (and do things like
   stereotype-breaking exercises about who does computing and magic tricks
   based on computing ideas, etc.), let me know.  This kind of outreach is
   important for broadening participation in computing and helping to keep up
   the pipeline of computing professionals that your companies need.  And if
   you belong to a company that could be interested in sponsoring a student
   team to compete in a robotics competition (Botball), please let me know. 
   It doesn't cost very much for a company, but schools often don't have the
   funds; it's a great way to get more young people excited about computing,
   and it will be good advertising for your company.



   Visible links
   1. http://tinyurl.com/cojc88q
   2. mailto:acm at chicagoacm.org
   3. http://tinyurl.com/d2t9srh
   4. http://chicagoacm.org/
   5. http://csedweek.org/

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