[UFO Chicago] gnome-terminal problem

Jay F Shachter jay at m5.chicago.il.us
Sun Dec 2 11:04:10 PST 2012

Centuries ago, Nostradamus predicted that Brian Sobolak would write on Thu Nov 29 22:52:16 2012:

> I think the best answer would be to improve the power.  It doesn't
> seem appropriate to have computers crashing because of bad circuits.
> Dumb questions, which may or may not help:
> - Do you have to actually reboot, or can you just log off and log on
>   again?

I do not have to reboot the m5 machine to fix the problem.  It is
sufficient if I log out and then log in again.  Note that the way gdm
is implemented, when you log out and then log in again, the X server
is killed and restarted.  So, it may be the killing and the restarting
of the X server that fixes the problem, or it may be something else
that happens when you log out and log in using gdm.

> - Have you investigated to see if there is still a socket open, and
>   looked at ways to "flush" those?  (I'm only vaguely aware of what
>   I'm talking about here, but if it thinks there is a connection
>   that is stale, "flushing" the connections might help.

The machines on which gnome-terminal fails are machines that have
crashed and have rebooted.  There could not still be a socket open
on those machines from before the crash.  There could, however, still
be a socket open on the m5 machine, which did not crash.  Clearly
there is something on the m5 machine which is causing gnome-terminal
to fail on the remote machine, when connecting to the m5 display,
because doing something on the m5 machine (i.e., logging out and then
logging in again) fixes the problem.  If I knew what that thing was,
then presumably I could fix the problem by doing something less
drastic and logging out and logging in again, which kills all my
graphical applications.  But I cannot find out what that thing is.
Search engines do not lead me to the answer, nor does reading the
fabulous manual.

> - Have you tried posting this message to one of the Gnome lists?

No, I have not.  If no one on the ufo mailing list can tell me the
answer, than my next step would be to locate a Gnome list (I do not
presently know of any) and post the inquiry there.

> brian

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