[UFO Chicago] Access to a color printer that can print large sheets of paper

Matthew T. Gibbs mtgibbs at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 29 21:40:38 PDT 2012

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Content preview:  jay at m5.chicago.il.us wrote: > > Fellow UFOnians, > > This
  question was raised at yesterday's meeting, and it was suggested > that it
   be presented to the mailing list. > > I have a PostScript input file that
   describes a piece of art that I > want to frame and hang on my wall, and
  I want it to be 53 inches by 53 > inches, square, and in color. I inquired
   of the FedEx-Kinkos people, > who I know have these huge color printers,
  but 53 inches by 53 inches > is slightly bigger than the maximum size their
   printers can print. It > was suggested that there are professional engineers
   on this mailing > list, who work for, perhaps, the CTA, or other monied organizations,
   > who regularly print larger documents than that, and who could direct >
  me to the companies that specialize in printing large complex > professional-quality
   color documents for engineering firms, and who > have big rarely-seen-by-ordinary-people
   color PostScript printers, > bigger than the ones at FedEx-Kinkos. I shall
   be grateful for any > leads you can give me. Ideally these people can also
   mount the > printout on a back containing a wire with which I could hang
  it on a > nail embedded in my wall, or otherwise render it hangable on my
  wall, > and, even more ideally, these people could deliver it to my home >
   intact. Unless you think that your reply will be of general interest > to
   the mailing list, please reply using the contact information that > appears
   below. Thank you in advance for any and all replies. [...] 

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