[UFO Chicago] Access to a color printer that can print large sheets of paper

jay at m5.chicago.il.us jay at m5.chicago.il.us
Wed Aug 29 21:26:37 PDT 2012

Fellow UFOnians,

This question was raised at yesterday's meeting, and it was suggested
that it be presented to the mailing list.

I have a PostScript input file that describes a piece of art that I
want to frame and hang on my wall, and I want it to be 53 inches by 53
inches, square, and in color.  I inquired of the FedEx-Kinkos people,
who I know have these huge color printers, but 53 inches by 53 inches
is slightly bigger than the maximum size their printers can print.  It
was suggested that there are professional engineers on this mailing
list, who work for, perhaps, the CTA, or other monied organizations,
who regularly print larger documents than that, and who could direct
me to the companies that specialize in printing large complex
professional-quality color documents for engineering firms, and who
have big rarely-seen-by-ordinary-people color PostScript printers,
bigger than the ones at FedEx-Kinkos.  I shall be grateful for any
leads you can give me.  Ideally these people can also mount the
printout on a back containing a wire with which I could hang it on a
nail embedded in my wall, or otherwise render it hangable on my wall,
and, even more ideally, these people could deliver it to my home
intact.  Unless you think that your reply will be of general interest
to the mailing list, please reply using the contact information that
appears below.  Thank you in advance for any and all replies.

                    Jay F. Shachter
                    6424 North Whipple Street
                    Chicago IL  60645-4111

                    jay at m5.chicago.il.us

                    +1 773 7613784  landline
                    +1 410 9964737  GoogleVoice

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