[UFO Chicago] Call for Software Freedom Day speakers/teachers

Cecilia Calabria ceciliacalabria at mncarpenters.net
Thu Aug 9 15:22:50 PDT 2012


FreeGeek Chicago invites you to participate in our first annual Software
Freedom Day activities on Saturday, September 15, 2012 between 10am and
6pm. Software Freedom Day is an international celebration of user
freedom and a time to share our knowledge and expertise with the
community. Right now we are looking for speakers and teachers to present
during our event.

Who can be a speaker at Software Freedom Day?
Anyone can be a speaker in the event. It is not necessary to be an
expert, but you do need to have a good understanding of the topic you
are going to talk about or teach. The only requisite is to do the
presentation/workshop using open source software tools and open standards.

What types of topics or lessons are you looking for?
Your presentation can be in any of these three main categories:
- General: 
Talks about the general concepts and fundamentals of Free and
Open Source Software, licensing, etc.
- Specific open source project: 
Talk about a specific project you are working on and invite people to participate
- Technical: 
A lesson or workshop about a more technical subject, some examples are: programming, “Video Gaming” on Linux, software general usage, etc.

How long should the talk/lesson last?
We would like to have several 10-15 minute talks and a couple 30 minutes
and 60 minute talks/lessons.

The event will be held at FreeGeek Chicago, 3411 W. Diversey (basement).
The number of people we can handle in the space is about 100.

Come and share your knowledge with the community and gain prestige,
contacts, and a great learning experience! Please send a class/lesson
proposal to ceciliacalabria at mncarpenters.net before September 5th, 2012.



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