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Interesting, one usually goes 'the other way,' and there are adapters for 2.5" drives to fit in 3.5" bays.  I suppose there are adapters to go the other way.
You didn't mention if the drives are PATA or SATA.  For SATA drives, you could probably buy an external USB hard drive, and swap drives.  It it possible to buy them empty as well. If you can find one that supports PATA, this works for it as well.  Otherwise, for PATA drives, your best bet is probably to "borrow" a full system from a trusted friend and export the drive over the network.


Jesse Becker

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I have three desktop machines that no longer turn on. My laptops are working fine. So I am done with desktops. 

 three of my desktops have hard drives with data on them. If possible, I
 would like to get the data off them. Is there a way to hook these hard 
drives up to laptops and copy data off of them? Eric MacAdie
Pronounced: muh-KAY-dee
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