[UFO Chicago] I have a theory of why ufo's come here

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Thu Dec 3 10:31:48 PST 2009

Jeff Tompkins:
> I have personally seen UFOs twice. 

You should attend more meetings.

> My theory after seeing a lot of information about UFOs and what people
> have seen them drop pick up and so on, is that UFOs are passing
> through from another destination on their way home.  After what ever
> the length of journey they are taking uses alto of energy and merely
> refueling while trying not to cause mass hist aria with an
> undomesticated species and much slower species than themselves.  

Well, it's interesting that you consider Users of Free Operating systems
to be more "domesticated" than Users of Proprietary Operating systems.
On what do you base this assertion?

Information gladly given, but safety requires
avoiding unnecessary conversation.

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