[UFO Chicago] I have a theory of why ufo's come here

Jeff Tompkins dady_187 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 2 21:50:43 PST 2009

I dint mean to sound completely crazy I am just very interested in UFOs.  I have personally seen UFOs twice. My theory after seeing a lot of information about UFOs and what people have seen them drop pick up and so on, is that UFOs are passing through from another destination on their way home.  After what ever the length of journey they are taking uses alto of energy and merely refueling while trying not to cause mass hist aria with an undomesticated species and much slower species than themselves.  We do not have their same intelligence they are picking up the raw materials to make what we call a battery their energy source for their craft.  They are getting what they need from the soil the common elements we have here mixing them the way they need expelling the excess in a crystallized form and when their battery is complete the are dropping the old battery to earth and leaving as soon as they can.  The more elements they are looking for are
 in the populated areas and they more than likely sit at an idle while mixing the compound in a less populated area like New Mexico, Nevada, parts of Texas, any other areas less populated.  Also from the radiation found in many spot through out the world where they have seen UFOs touch down and have no radiation is because they actually use a cleaner form of energy than radiation.  I believe UFOs are going to be different not all are going to look alike for they are coming from different planet's through out the so universe some with good intentions and others with bad.   
Another thing I believe that the abductions that no is not returned back to earth is because they are being used as attractions to a place a lot like our zoos here.
I am sure that many other people have had similar theories but mine was new and random and felt like i needed to get it off my chest if you like my theory email me Back and also if you would like elaboration of my theory email me back thank you for your time and your patience.

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