[UFO Chicago] Job for experienced MySQL DBA in Obama campaign in Chicago (short term)

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Mon Sep 15 16:45:49 PDT 2008

I got a query about a short-term job with the Obama campaign, here in 
Chicago.  Posted below... so if you know someone good either in Chicago, 
or maybe someone who might like a couple month sabbatical in Chicago, 
who's ready to start immediately...

If interested or you have questions, contact Brian Behlendorf 
<brian at behlendorf.com>.  The posting:

The Obama for America campaign has an immediate need for an experienced 
DBA to manage our data analytics and targeting, managed in a MySQL 
database. A majority of the work will be centered around importing data 
frequently from external vendors, and writing, monitoring and optimizing 
scripts that transform the imported data. Fluency with SQL and scripting 
is a must, and experience with MySQL is preferred. Most importantly, 
this person must be able to start working in downtown Chicago right 
away, as we have just a short amount of time to election day!
* Campaign will assist in finding (free) supporter housing.
* US citizens and permanent residents only.

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