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Thanks, Brian

This is the kind of info I need as I don't have IT pull to even keep sendma=
il on unix, as we only had
ZERO problems, morons. I have to use a Cygwin to get some linux functionali=
ty on my Desktop. I can't use =

Exceed which is too top heavy in system resource requirements. andLinux loo=
ks like a good step up, but I will have =

to test it on another system before I switch. Our PC desktop support is not=
 very good here. =


The last 8 months have been a nightmare of spam, slowness, alias problems, =
and system shutdowns due to Outlook/MS-Exchange issues. Even Microsoft runs=
 unix servers as the backend to its hotmail.com email service. Anyway, I'm =
glad the Linux people are creating more options, so smart users have better=
 choices. =


Also, thanks for the Perl conference update, I really need some programming=
 brush ups for some apps I want to
configure and build.
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Back to work after baby=96how do you know when you=92re ready?
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