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Hello everyone,

For those who aren't aware, Flourish is a conference being hosted
at UIC that will be focusing on Free and Open Source software. I've
included the original Open Invite link at the bottom of my email, and if you
have an
interest please visit the website for more info.
( http://www.flourishconf.com).

The event will be free for anyone to attend (who pre-registers). For
anyone who doesn't register there will be a $10 fee.

Also, IF (big if) we do get t-shirts for the event, those who register
get complimentary t-shirts, those who don't will be able to purchase
one if we have any left over.

If you're planning to attend, please register at:


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

OpenLetter:  http://www.flourishconf.com/docs/ShortOpenInvite.pdf

Samir Faci
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