[UFO Chicago] might be a bit late to tonight's meeting

Neil Ormos H ormos at ripco.com
Sun Feb 11 02:47:12 PST 2007

Richard Lynch wrote:
> Jordan Bettis said:

>> The idea that the Internet is about to "fill
>> up" or get "bogged down" displays little faith
>> in the ability of the market to provide
>> solutions (especially coming from forbes). If
>> bandwidth really gets tight on the internet
>> because increasing demand, then the cost will
>> go up, and then either supply will increase or
>> demand will plateau. But at least people will
>> understand what they're getting, and what
>> they're paying.

> Or, if the demand is there, but we can't deliver
> more bandwidth without violating the laws of
> physics, some companies that were betting on
> more bandwidth are gonna go under.

Whatever ultimate physical constraints may limit
delivery of bandwidth, there's no evidence we're
anywhere near them.  There is plenty of raw
bandwidth available for transport at the backbone
level, and nothing prevents more from being built.
The principal bottleneck in delivering bandwidth
to users is the local access loop, and that
bottleneck is a matter of money, not physics.

--Neil Ormos

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