[UFO Chicago] Use of mailing list

Matthew T. Gibbs mtgibbs at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 11 21:24:34 PST 2007

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> Subject: [UFO Chicago] Use of mailing list

> Do you guys think that it is appropriate for staffing agencies to use
> the mailing list?

It seems okay to me as long as the poster is polite, concise, and are
 occasional, say once a month per person.  Occasionally someone will
 a job on the Novell Community Chat newsgroup that I monitor and in
 general people seem to find it helpful and sometimes are even grateful
 find out about a job opportunity that they may need.  I'm not sure how
 many people are on this list, but you never know who might be reading
 and is really in need of a job for whatever reason.  I also am a more
 casual member, so I would not be taken aback at all if I am outvoted
 am way off on my perception about the topics appropriate for this


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