[UFO Chicago] issues with procmail and bogofilter

Brian Sobolak brian at planetshwoop.com
Sun Aug 19 19:41:05 PDT 2007

hi --

I'm slowly working on the mail configuration on my server and have
been placed with everything so far:

Postfix - MTA
Bogofilter - Spam
Dovecot - IMAP
Mutt - MUA

My issue seems to be getting procmail to actually filter mail into
folders as I'd like it to.  I see that bogofilter is applying the
header to X-Bogosity header to messages, but they stay in my inbox.

I've configured a .forward:


and my .procmailrc is relatively minimal:

| bogofilter -u -e -p
# file the mail to spam-bogofilter if it's spam.
* ^X-Bogosity: Yes, tests=bogofilter

Any pointers on what to look for to see where I've gone wrong here?


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