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   This is a message for the listowner of UFO,

   Sorry for the direct email, but I thought this event might interest you
   and your members. ChicagoCon 2007 is a security focused training event
   that not only features a Linux+ course (instructed by the author of Linux
   for Dummies) and a few Linux presentations in the evening (including live
   demos of Metasploit), we are also handing out a special edition of
   BackTrack 2 (a security Linux distro) on CD as a VMware Virtual Appliance
   to every attendee. Many of our security courses feature Linux including
   CEH, CHFI, Advanced Hacking, and more.

   Anything you could do to help spread the word of a local event put on by a
   local company would be greatly appreciated. Below is my contact info, a
   short description of the event and a link to our press release on PRWeb.
   Feel free to use my cell at will.

   ChicagoCon 2007: White Hats Come Together in Defense of the Digital

   September 17 - 23, 2007


   ChicagoCon combines a professional security conference, certification
   training and a hacker con into a single, unique event. Not just another
   bootcamp, ChicagoCon adds value to your training dollars by providing top
   instructors, recognized certifications, keynotes, evening presentations,
   hacking demos, gift bags & more. 11 courses including CISSP, CEH, CHFI,
   Advanced Hacking, Cisco (CCNA, SNPA), SOX/COBIT, Security+, Linux+, PMP...
   From the novice, to the ultimate techie, to the CISO chair... everyone
   interested in a career in security will find something at ChicagoCon, your
   one-stop shop for security training and certification. Keynotes: John C.
   Dvorak, Steve Hunt, Lance Spitzner, Symantec, DoD. Presented by

   Link to PRWeb with full press release, banners, logos, podcast and more:

   All the best,

   Donald C. Donzal, CISSP, MCSE 2003, CEH, Security+ SME
   The Digital Construction Company
   1520 Heidorn Ave.
   Westchester, IL 60154
   708.837.3002 (Cell)

   Founder & Organizer
   [4]ChicagoCon 2007

   [5]The Ethical Hacker Network
   [6]Certified Security Professional Online Magazine


   Visible links
   1. blocked::http://www.chicagocon.com/
   2. blocked::http://www.ethicalhacker.net/
   3. blocked::http://www.prweb.com/releases/2007/07/prweb541315.htm
   4. http://www.chicagocon.com/
   5. file:///tmp/blocked::http:/www.ethicalhacker.net/
   6. file:///tmp/blocked::http:/www.certifiedsecuritypro.com/

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