[UFO Chicago] A big thank-you to the list

Christopher D. Heer cheer at dls.net
Mon May 22 20:32:47 PDT 2006

Just wanted to thank everyone for the advice and information on Linux.


I've installed Ubuntu on my new server box.  Haven't done tons with it -
just gotten an ftp daemon, ssh daemon, and samba running on it.  (Well, and
slashem.)  Working on moving my files over from the old Windows box.  So
far, so good.  I've done as much as possible from the CLI - the GUI just
frustrated me anyway.


I need to tinker with it a bit.  I'd like to disable the autoloading of the
GUI, but that's not critical.  I also need to make sure I understand what
services are loading and whether I need them all.  That will take time, but
at least I'm on the path.


Thanks again.



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