[UFO Chicago] Re: Brian's Conversion from FreeBSD to Debian andQuestions on X

Christopher D. Heer cheer at dls.net
Thu May 11 06:48:07 PDT 2006

From: Larry Garfield

> In that case, if you're looking for a "try it a few times and break it a
> few times to learn" setup, Debian Stable or Ubuntu-Server would be my
> recommendation.  The basic difference is that Ubuntu has newer packages
> and its own archive, which has almost all the same stuff as Debian does.
> Both are minimal installs to start from, but you still install and
> configure stuff in a semi-automated way, which I like.

Thanks.  I'd read good things about Ubuntu before, so I may start there.

> If you really want to get your hands dirty, Slackware *shudder*.  It's not
> a distribution, it's just an installer.  After that, you're on your own.
> :-)  (Many slack fans will insist that's not true.  Last time I looked,
> though, any sense of package management for slack is optional add-on,
> therefore I don't count it.)

Slackware intimidates me, although I have friends who swear by it.  They're
odd, though, so I can't really judge by them.  :)

> Once again, come to DePaul Linux Fest, this Saturday! :-)

Would love to, but I have family in town this weekend.


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