[UFO Chicago] Re: Brian's Conversion from FreeBSD to Debian andQuestions on X

Scott Lockwood wsl3 at lrsehosting.com
Wed May 10 08:02:06 PDT 2006

 > jordanb at hafd.org wrote:
 >> Brian Sobolak said:
 >> It's true that some Linux distros come with clicky-licky admin tools 
 >> that need a GUI and may be more familiar to a Windows user, but if 
 >> you're trying to learn the "Unix" way of doing things then you should 
 >> probably avoid using those tools and learn to do it properly (from the 
 >> shell) anyway.
 > So, to pick an example, is it better to use a GUI tool to setup
 > networking or figure out all the shit in the ifconfig man page?
 > Yes, I'm baiting you,
 > brian

I'm not sure man pages are the best bet, but in general, isn't it always
better to know your way around the CLI rather than rely on GUI? I never
setup networking with a GUI tool. I do that at the command line.


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