[UFO Chicago] Re: Brian's Conversion from FreeBSD to Debian andQuestions on X

jordanb at hafd.org jordanb at hafd.org
Tue May 9 14:19:23 PDT 2006

Jesse Becker said:
>   for f in /bin/* /sbin/* ; do ldd $f |  grep -q usr; if [
> "$?" -eq 0 ]; then echo $f: ; ldd $f ; fi; done
> Jesse Becker
> GPG-fingerprint:  BD00 7AA4 4483 AFCC 82D0  2720 0083 0931 9A2B 06A2

Ok, "Jesse" IF THAT IS YOUR REAL NAME! I WOULD run that script
except that I have no record of such GPG fingerprint! Before
we can continue this conversation any further you need to meet
me in person with your public key and at least two forms of
ID in hand.

Jordan Bettis -- Chicago Il.
    Photographs of Life in the Neighborhoods of Chicago
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