[UFO Chicago] Picnic This Thursday (June 29) -- Details And Directions (long)

Brian Sobolak brian at planetshwoop.com
Wed Jun 28 11:34:55 PDT 2006

Hi --

Sorry this is late in getting out.

To celebrate summer and many many many years of UFO-ness, instead of
meeting indoors we're going to switch things up a little and have an
outdoor get-together.  Before I get nitty-gritty with the directions, if
*any* of this doesn't make sense, email me or call 773-551-0525.

The location is Eugene Field Park in Chicago.  The address is roughly 3700
W. Foster, but read below for the specifics about parking, transport, what
to bring, etc.  Since we'll be grilling, we'll start at 7:00-ish on
Thursday, June 29th, 2006.  Feel free to arrive later, but preferably
before Friday.

Bring whatever you want to eat, and if desired, something you'd like to
share with others.  I'll handle things like paper plates, napkins, and
some forms of silverware as well as hot dogs, buns, and accessories
(mustard, etc.), but feel free to bring your own item for grilling. 
***Bringing a chair of your own is highly recommended.***

Alcohol is officially not allowed but unofficially no big deal.  Bring
whatever you want to drink.  I'll probably have a little beer to share;
there are liquor and grocery stores nearby if you want to get something
before you arrive.

I'll have a Weber grill and a big red adirondack chair.  The park isn't
big, so you can find us.

Bathrooms are available in the fieldhouse til 9:00.  My house is two
blocks away, so it can be used if something comes up.

Park closes at 11, so we'll be done by then.  If we just can't stop, my
backyard is free.

The park is split in half by the river; we'll be on the North side of the
river.  One side of the field has a baseball diamond; the other is open
space and that's where we'll meet.  If you're standing in front of tennis
courts or a playground, you need to cross the river. (This sounds
confusing, but it's easy once you're there.)

Requisite Google Map:

The actual address of the park is 5100 N Ridgeway.  Googlemaps gets it
wrong, so I've mapped 5199 N Ridgeway.  This puts the pointer near the
fieldhouse, which is where the bridge is to cross the river and go to
"our" section of the park.

Directions -- Driving

The closest major intersection is Foster and Pulaski.  Parking is best on
Carmen Avenue, *not* on Foster.  The Fieldhouse is at 5100 N Ridgeway;
parking is best *behind* the fieldhouse on Carmen.

>From Foster, turn onto Avers, and then turn left at the first
intersection, Carmen.  Park anywhere.

>From Pulaski, turn on Argyle (by the Aldi) and go three stops to Hamlin. 
Turn left and go 1 block north on Hamlin, and then park wherever is
available on Carmen.

If you are lazy, park at the Jewel two blocks away and walk.

Directions -- Biking
There is a bike path to follow from Kimball Ave.  Consult the city map, as
the path runs from Central Park Ave. *directly* to the fieldhouse.

Directions -- CTA

>From the Foster Bus, get off at the stop "3700 W. Foster" and walk across
the street to the park.  You'll see us in the corner.

>From the Pulaski Bus, get off at Foster Ave and walk east.  You'll cross
the river *twice* before you see the park entrance, look for us there.

If You Get Lost

Go to the fieldhouse or call me.  I'll swing by the fieldhouse from time
to time to find people.

Brian Sobolak

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