[UFO Chicago] mutt question -- Can it work disconnected from thenetwork?

Jesse Becker jesse_becker at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 10 06:55:38 PDT 2006

--- William Scott Lockwood III <wsl3 at lrsehosting.com>

> Pine.

Pine makes nice building material.

> ---==== [ Brian Sobolak ] ===---

> > Can any text-mode (ie, mutt) clients do that too?  All
> my mail is on an
> > IMAP server, and I wouldn't mind synching some of it
> down to the client
> > where I'll run mutt.

Yep, mutt can do this.  In fact, I do "offline" sending
with Mutt all the time.  Basically, you run Postfix on
system you run Mutt (in my case, this is my laptop).  Mutt
is configured to use localhost as a mail relay.  Thus, as
far as Mutt is concerned, mail is always delivered.  The
onus of actually sending the mail elsewhere is placed on
Postfix, and not the MUA.  Mail queuing is not really the
responsibility of the MUA.

Poking around, I found a few mentions of "OfflineIMAP": 
http://gopher.quux.org:70/devel/offlineimap/  which might
be useful in your case.

If you want a copy of my postfix or mutt config file, let
me know off-list.

This page:

Has information on using Mutt and offlineimap.

> > What I can't do is store all of my mail on the machine
> where I connect
> > from--work doesn't need to see my email.

If that's the case, then you *must* compose the mail
somewhere else, since it has to be stored *somewhere*
before it is sent.  An SSH session to your own hosts, or a
laptop would work fine.

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