[UFO Chicago] UFO Chicago, This Thursday, 8pm at the Nug

Brian Sobolak brian at planetshwoop.com
Mon Jan 9 19:47:21 PST 2006

UFO Chicago, a conglomeration of Linux, open-source, fun-loving people
will gather at our usual meeting point, the Golden Nugget Pancake House Of
Love and Affection, at 8pm, this Thursday, the (`cal`) 12th of January, to
discuss matters pertaining to Linux, open-source, fun-loving people, and
other delightful and nerdy topic.  It will be a conversation of the
highest caliber and we usually sit just to the left of the cash register,
where we take over the whole table.

In other words, this Thursday is a UFO Thursday.  You should go!  More
info at our website:  http://ufo.chicago.il.us/


ps Even though we sit in non-smoking, this *should* be the last meeting
where you can smoke in the restaurant at all.

Brian Sobolak

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