[UFO Chicago] [OT] Anybody using OPT-E-MAN?!?

Christopher D. Heer cheer at dls.net
Mon Aug 7 15:48:34 PDT 2006

Fair enough -- I really don't know the pricing structures.


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On Mon, 7 Aug 2006, Christopher D. Heer wrote:

> DISCLAIMER: I work for AT&T.  But.  I work for the legacy side, and have
> connection/knowledge/visibility/etc. to the LEC side of the house.
> I have a client that uses OPT-E-MAN and is very happy with it, but they
> aren't doing any QOS or load-sharing.
> Have you considered an MPLS-type of solution?  I don't have any idea where
> the cost structures fall in but for multiple locations MPLS can often be a
> good fit, especially if you do want to do COS/QOS.
> Send me a direct email (so as not to further drag the poor list OT) and we
> can discuss further.
> --chris

Why would you want to use ATTs mpls network inside the LATA? It's usually 
more than twice as expensive as PtP circuits and has no advantage, other 
then being fully meshed. . . JMHO

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