[UFO Chicago] OT: Email in the workplace

Eric Ellington e.ellington at gmail.com
Thu Aug 3 13:36:51 PDT 2006

 In that case I would start to argue with the policy makers that it
does not make good business sense.

Can I make personal calls on the clock? Letting everyone call home is
more expensive than letting everyone check email.

If I could not use my computer when I am on a break, why would I stay
at my desk? Email keeps a worker at their desk. You can answer the
phone. People can walk up to someone and ask them questions.

People goof off no matter what you do. If I could not check my email
to waste a few minutes I would just buy a paper and hide in the
cafeteria, or go on extra smoke breaks. Everyone would find a way to
waste just as much time no matter what their options are.

If I got real rebuttals to my questions then it is probably a good
place to work. If not, then I would have to see how big my paycheck is
before I start looking elsewhere.
On 8/3/06, Brian Sobolak <brian at planetshwoop.com> wrote:
> Eric Ellington wrote:
> > What position would you theoretically have? As the theoretical system
> > administrator I could put the proxy in place, and then let my
> > workstation go around it. One could argue that this could be necessary
> > and depending on how the policy is written the Admin might be exempt
> > from it.
> All of my experiences with this were for non SysAdmin roles, where such an
> out wouldn't be possible.
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