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Brian Sobolak brian at
Tue Nov 22 20:43:38 PST 2005

Sorry guys - the Billy Goat is a bit of a trip. I love the Billy Goat, but
we'll have to save it for another day.

Rockwell's Grill is next door to the Rockwell stop on the Brown Line --
4600 N & 2600 W.  It's smoke free, has a decent selection of beer, and has
good food.  Meet at 8pm.

If there is desire and interest, after 10pm we'll head to Loafers down the
street.  Or the Leland Liquors, For All Your Spiritual Needs. (not

I'll leave my cell phone on 773-551-0525.  Call if you're looking to find
us after 10pm.


ps I know this might not be convenient for everyone, but I'm trying to
find the usual balance of parking, non-smoking, beer, and public transit
access.  Plus, some people wrote off-list with suggestions and
requirements, so this is the best we have.

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> Brian Sobolak said:
>> Anyone want to get dinner or a drink on Wednesday (tomorrow) night?
>> This would *not* be at the Golden Nugget.
> I've been known to be willing throw back a cold one or two from time to
> time.
> Where do you want to go?
> How about the Billy Goat?
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> Jordan Bettis -- Chicago Il.
> I'm interested. Where is the Billy Goat?
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