[UFO Chicago] The L4 micro kernel.

Jess Balint jbalint at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 11:13:51 CST 2005

There was an article about the specifics of this in a recent magazine.
I think it was either Dr Dobbs Journal or C/C++ Users Journal.


On 11/8/05, Anthony LaMantia <alamantia at midphase.com> wrote:
> anyway, I was talking a bit about the ipc thread messaging in the l4
> kernel, I don't know if anyone cared much about it :-Pp but here is a
> link to some information about it the latest release is pistachio, this
> is replacing the mach kernel in GNU/Hurd .. and has very decent
> performance numbers.
> http://l4ka.org/projects/pistachio/
> I have it running with qemu on my fixed up laptop so if i hit up the
> metting on thrusday, i can show it and some of it's internals off.
> -Anthony
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