[UFO Chicago] ufo chicago thursday at the NUG

Brian Sobolak sobolak at speakeasy.net
Wed Nov 9 10:03:51 CST 2005

This Thursday -- UFO Chicago -- 8pm at 4229 W. Irving Park.

Can you name an operating system that is only one syllable?

Here's some stuff we talked about last time:

1.  How do you configure X on a Dell laptop?
2.  How to get shell access when the only connection you have to the machine
is a SquirrelMail webmail account
3.  FreeBSD vs Linux:  why choose one or the other?  Is Debian really that

So we're meeting as usual at the Golden Nugget, 4229 W. Irving Park Rd in
Chicago.  We start at 8pm, and it's totally free.


ps NUG is not an acronym.  Yet.  It means "Golden Nugget, home of happiness and joy and pretty decent but not actually great pie"

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