[UFO Chicago] Personal Groupware server

Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Sun Jan 9 19:32:18 CST 2005

PHP installation is great under Debian. :-)

Final results of my investigations:

- Kolab 1.0 is insanely undocumented, and the installation setup 
includes its own copies of just about everything except the kernel. 
(Seriously, it packages sed for god's sake.)  Kolab 2.0 does things very 
differently but has the same two key issues.

- SLOX (SuSE Linux Open Exchange) is not free-beer, or if it is I 
couldn't figure out how the hell to download a fully functional 
free-beer version.

- EGroupware is primarily web-based, and so not of use to me.

- OpenGroupware is a maybe, but isn't supported by Kontact until v3.4. 
So at the moment it would be only web based, meaning useless to me.

Bottom line, I've decided that FOSS groupware is just not yet up to the 
point that I can start playing with it, so I've put off that project for 
now. :-(  Instead, I'm working on setting up just my own imap server for 
mail.  Of course, I've run into the same problem there.  uw-imap is 
weird (user account IS the home directory, so requires dedicated account 
and doesn't let me create folders the way I like), courier is not well 
documented (can't even tell if it needs a separate SMTP server or not, 
reports vary), and I'm having trouble figuring out cyrus (doesn't seem 
to use the system's user accounts at all, but I've not figured out how 
to set up separate ones).  If anyone has experience or pointers to good 
tutorials on those, I'd be appreciative.  (Perhaps on IMAP itself, since 
that seems a decidedly more complicated concept than POP.)

So far, my main accomplishment has been 14 gigs of mail.errors log 
files. :-)

Brian Sobolak wrote:
> Larry Garfield wrote:
>> I will soon be setting up a new server for my home network.  If 
>> possible I'm going to setup a full groupware server on it (why?  
>> Because I can!), so I'm looking for suggestions on which to use.  The 
>> system itself will be running Debian Sarge.
> Any results on this?  I just installed moregroupware from the FreeBSD 
> ports this week and have been kicking the tires.  (Note to self:  PHP 
> installation sucks.)
> brian

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