[UFO Chicago] WCLUG Meeting Thursday.

kiran at mutantape.com kiran at mutantape.com
Thu Jan 6 10:22:10 CST 2005

I'm moving & I have boxes of old computer equipment I need to get rid of
I don't know if it all works, but much of it does.

some of the Items include:

2 PowerMac Clones Motorola StarMax 3000 (desktop) and a Umax c600 
one PC tower case stripped down
misc keyboards (condition unknown)
C64 with floppy drives and whatever cables are there and some floppies
a 4 bay 5.25" case (SCSI) with Full sized 2 gig drive (unknown 
QVC Auto Switch 8 to 1 printer/parallel (AFAIK it looks new)
Several power supplies (some working some not)
several old laptops with some amenities each.
misc cables. (lots of IDE, some SCSI, Misc)
token ring card
several PCMCIA WinModems (don't think these will work with linux.... 
but its been a while since I've tried)
misc memory 72pin 30pin and maybe some sdram (condition unknown they 
have not been babied)
misc small format HDs most IDE some SCSI. under 2-4 GIG (Condition 
EZ135 Drive SCSI (two, but only one works) and several cartridges
15" monitor (not working)
Perhaps more misc stuff as well.

Most of the SCSI stuff is for the Macs.
I'm just keeping what I need/can use.

I would prefer to give it all away.
If nobody wants any of this stuff it will end up in the trash for the 

I won't be able to make it to any of the meetings this week (I moving), 
but contact me off list and we can work something out.
I can't keep this stuff for long.
I live in the Logan Square area near the L stop


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