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Could be interesting...?

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I originally sent this message to the address listed on the linux.org 
users groups list, but the auto response directed me to this address, so 
I'll send it here instead =]

I would like to tell you about a new Open Source magazine.  O3 Magazine 
(www.o3magazine.com) is a free monthly publication distributed in pdf 
format which covers various topics each issue including security, web 
technology, networking, and several others.

We help fill a gap that has existed for quite some time in the Open 
Source world by providing information on enterprise grade solutions 
which can be used by both large and small businesses alike.  We also 
post listings for Open Source events and recent software releases.

This month?s issue focuses on rapid web development and Ruby on Rails. 
I would like to invite you to take a look at our magazine and ask that 
you pass on news of our publication to the members of your users group.

We also offer an RSS feed and mailing list for updates, so please feel 
free to subscribe to either if you like the magazine.

We always welcome constructive feedback, so I look forward to hearing 
from you and the members of your group.


James Hollingshead


James Hollingshead
Executive Editor
o3 Magazine
james at o3magazine.com
(740) 707-5876

"I'm tired of elephants and clowns; I want to run away and join the Office"

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