[UFO Chicago] Vmware Player

Neil R. Ormos ormos at ripco.com
Tue Dec 27 09:12:17 PST 2005

Brian Sobolak wrote:

> I spent a fair amount of time this weekend
> messing around with VMWare Player.  Anyone else
> given it a shot?

> My review: it was fun to play with, but not
> worthwhile for much else.

> VMWare Player is a new free tool from VMWare
> that let's you run VMWare instances for free.
> It's basically Workstation Lite -- you can't
> create new VMs, and you can't do much by way of
> changing the ones you have.

Mike Labowicz gave a very nice presentation to
NWCLUG in early December, and showed how to
install another Linux distribution--in this case,
Debian--over the one installed with VMWare Player.


Once you do the steps shown in Mike's
presentation, the Player becomes a lot more
useful.  I think there are still reasons to
purchase the real VMWare Workstation product, but
as Mike has shown, you can make the Player into
something useful.


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