[UFO Chicago] Personal Groupware server

Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Sat Nov 27 19:06:51 CST 2004

I will soon be setting up a new server for my home network.  If possible 
I'm going to setup a full groupware server on it (why?  Because I can!), 
so I'm looking for suggestions on which to use.  The system itself will 
be running Debian Sarge.

The only one I'm familiar with generally is Kolab, although I've not 
used it myself.  I do NOT want something that is primarily web based, 
although having a webmail front end to fall back on is a plus.  For 
efficiency I'd rather use maildir than mbox for email storage.  I want 
to use Kontact as the client at home, and then just general IMAP access 
elsewhere that doesn't support Kontact directly (like on my Palm).

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good server to use?  Any tips on 
Kolab or others for things to do/not do?  Alternatively if that is not 
going to work for some reason, what do people recommend as a good 
IMAP-maildir solution instead?  (I'd rather do the full groupware server 
for the experience, and to have something to sync my Palm to, but mail 
is the only really critical part.)

Suggestions welcome. :-)

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