[UFO Chicago] I give you this file in order to have your advise (meeting announcement)

Nate Riffe inkblot at movealong.org
Thu May 6 17:44:07 CDT 2004

I cannot believe Jordan Bettis said this on the ENTARNET:
> Brian Sobolak said:
> >
> > I don't much have an opinion either way.  I'm going to totally make a
> > stand here and say:  I agree with both of you.
> >
> > Another point:  WCLUG meets tonight.  I don't know if there is
> > crossover, but it'd be nice of us to respect their turf.
> Well the only thing I know about WCLUG is that *their* meeting
> announcements keep ending up on *our* list so *they* are clearly
> not respecting *our* turf.


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