[UFO Chicago] I give you this file in order to have your advise (meeting announcement)

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Thu May 6 12:45:58 CDT 2004

begin  Jordan Bettis  quotation:
> Jordan Bettis said:
> > Well I've received nothing but praise for the "meetings every two
> > weeks" proposal, so:
> Jesus people you had SIX DAYS to say something!
> Ok, I recend the announcment.


	This promises to be like the 2003 Beaujolais day clusterfuck:


	Search for Paul Guth's mail.

The insipid neologism "blog" appears to mean little more        Nick Moffitt
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to one that *promises* to be updated REAL SOON NOW and
includes an animation of a MEN AT WORK sign.

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