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Thu Mar 4 11:54:23 CST 2004

I wanted pass along a personal invitation, I hope that you will be able to
attend our next open source software event.


Please join Open Source Software Chicago on March 18th as we bring you:

"Automated Testing"

Presenter: Andy Lester


Andy will be discussing the benefits of automation as it relates to
testing. He will demonstrate some automated testing tools for Perl, and
will breifly discuss automated testing tools for Python, Java, and network

Andy has been working with Perl and other open source software for many
years. He's a vocal supporter of all things testing, and is heavily
involved in the Chicago Perl Mongers. He has also helped write and edit
several books for O'Reilly publishing. And finally, Andy is an accomplished
speaker, in fact, he gave a very popular talk on this same subject at last
year's OSCON.

OSS Chicago's regular meetings

200 Fairway Drive, Ste 204, Vernon Hills IL (look for the OSS Banner on the

When: March 18th, 2004

6:30 p.m. -- doors open
7:00 p.m. -- Introductions and presentations
7:30 p.m. -- Q&A
7:45 p.m. -- Open discussions start

Water & Coffee will be served.  We will be raffling off door prizes.

More information can be found on the Chicago Open Source website located
at: http://www.OSSChicago.com

OSS Chicago is sponsored by WDI, a division of Brunswick New Technologies.
There are so many different applications out there that are Open Source
(no cost) that can help all of us in today's economy. We figured the best
to accomplish this is to collaborate with other businesses and
professionals that
are using open source or have the same general interest in Open Source.

Meetings will be held monthly with different featured speakers. More
information about our group and what Open Source is can be found on our
website: http://www.OSSChicago.com . Thank you for your time. If you have
any questions at all please feel free to email me or call direct.

Best Regards,
Tiffany Patterson
WDI, sponsor of Open Source Software Chicago
email: ossinfo at osschicago.com
website: http://www.OSSChicago.com

OSS CHICAGO IS NOW SPONSORED BY ( http://www.osschicago.com/links ):
- WDI, a division of Brunswick New Technologies (Primary Sponsor)
- O'Reilly
- Sam's Publishing

Books also provided by Addison-Wesley & Prentice Hall PTR

Please let us know whether you want to stay updated with our meeting
information on our website at: http://www.osschicago.com/mailing_lists .

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