[UFO Chicago] Question: wireless internet access in Chicago?

Brian Sobolak brian at planetshwoop.com
Wed Dec 29 16:35:46 CST 2004

Hi -

I've been an Ameritech DSL customer for 2 years and while the service has
been pretty solid (except when they shipped me bum hardware and I spent a
month figuring it out), it's too damn slow.  My download are at 227Kbs, a
far cry from the minimum of 384 I should be getting.  I'm also $15 paying
for a phone I never use, so what's the point?

I've thought about cable, but I don't appreciate the idea of giving yet
another mega-monopoly my money.  (When I called Comcast to ask about
pricing, the women was rude and shocked that I might be able to get it up
and running WITHOUT THEIR HELP.)


My parents, who live in McHenry Country, have signed up for a wireless
broadband connection.  They seem to get decent throughput, and the prices
are competive with cable.  ($55/month for up to 3MB down and up)


My questions:

1.  The only two ISPs I can remember, DLS.net and MC.net, offer the
service, but not in Chicago.  Anyone know of a local-ish ISP who might
offer this?

2.  Anyone have experience with it?  Are the speeds close to what was

Any and all suggestions welcome.

I hate Ameritech,


ps Please don't suggest that I should try speakeasy or Earthlink or
something.  I'm looking beyond DSL here.

Brian Sobolak

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