[UFO Chicago] Re: Geminid meteor showers Monday night

Neil R. Ormos ormos at ripco.com
Mon Dec 13 07:56:56 CST 2004

Jesse Becker wrote:

> Monday night is the peak night for the Geminid meteor
> shower this year, and it should be fairly good.  It will be
> partly cloudy in Chicago, but Chandler and I are going to
> try and see what we can see.

> The show will probably start (slowly) as soon as it gets
> dark, but won't pick up until 10pm or midnight.  The peak
> should be around 2am.  Both times are "local" for wherever
> you happen to be on the planet (Asia and Europe apparently
> have the best seat this year).

Any interest in a special UFO meteor shower meeting?
Too bad the light pollution is so bad at 3224 W. Foster.


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