[UFO Chicago] weird wireless problem

Nate Riffe inkblot at movealong.org
Tue Dec 7 00:00:04 CST 2004

Brian Sobolak said this (probably recently):
> Nate Riffe wrote:
> >I cannot believe Brian Sobolak said this on the ENTARNET:
> >
> >>Nate Riffe wrote:
> >Everything works fine from sausage.  All LAN and some non-LAN traffic
> >works from maverick and/or wayne.  The non-LAN traffic which works
> >does so consistently and reliably.  The non-LAN traffic which does not
> >work fails consistently and reliably.  The failing traffic never
> >reaches spk0-arb0.
> >
> Sounds obvious but worth asking:  Do all machines have the same DNS 
> configuration?

Everything except spk0-arb0 is configured using DHCP, served from

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