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Rob Latham rob at terizla.org
Wed Oct 8 20:55:19 EDT 2003

On Wed, Oct 08, 2003 at 12:56:07AM -0500, Nate Riffe wrote:
> This level of specificity is possible because there is actual
> variety within the city's limits, whereas it is unattainable in any
> other municipality within 70 miles.

Unless you are a mountain-biking science geek!
. Palos Hills: the only contoured area w/in 70 miles of downtown
. Lemont: home to argonne national lab -- we have a photon source!
. Batavia: home to fermilab -- w/ a gigantic tevatron. kickass!

not biking or science related:
. Schaumberg: well, it has an ikea. that's pretty nice.  And an apple
  store -- but now chicago-propper has one too [0]
. Vernon Hills has the comedy club Zanies, but so does chicago.  call
  that a wash.
. Woodridge:  i used to live there, which makes it a lot more
  interesting (to me) than the other suburbs)

Shit, and i haven't been in this area for even 2 years yet.

then again, i fled the 'burbs and the lovely 10 minute commute i had
for the variety of the city -- and have not been disapointed.  

[0] mac os X sucks, and anybody running it on a lovely powerbook is
    squandering the lovely hardware resources available to them.
    however, those bastards at ATI, Nvidia, and broadcom have seen fit
    to make it difficult to write open source drivers: so no good
    sleep support or 802.11g if you run linux.  man, i sure do hate
    butthead companies. 

==rob, defender of what little honor the suburbs have.

Rob Latham                                        Chicago, IL USA             

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