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Robert B. Moses wrote:
> Thank for refreshing the principle of this issue. I think I'll have to
> experiment a litte. If anyone is interested the culprit in question is

> Netgear's RT314 Internet Gateway Router w/4 port switch.
>  From what I can tell it has some nice features: filtering of TCP/UDP
> well as generic filters based on byte patterns of the packet (hmm that

> sounds closer to SPI...)

FWIW, I have the Linksys equivalent, plus WiFi AP.  It has a web front
end on it.  By default it drops any incoming requests, unless I
explicitly specify a routing for given protocol/port (eg, TCP port 80
redirect to  If I do nothing to it, then it automatically
is a client only setup.  It does let FTP through both ways (if I
initiate it) without me doing anything.

I hate to sound like the anoying kid in the back of the room, but try
just plugging it in and see what the defaults are.  It's a good bed that
the default config for a turnkey router is exactly what you're looking
for (multiple clients, no servers, no questions asked).

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