[UFO Chicago] Sun IPX serial console

Jesse Becker jesse_becker@yahoo.com
Tue, 14 Jan 2003 16:42:15 -0800 (PST)

--- "Peter A. Peterson II" <pedro@tastytronic.net> wrote:
> Quoting Jesse Becker:
> > So I just picked up a Sun IPX, and am trying to access
> it
> > via serial console.
> Cool -- sounds like an interesting problem...
> unfortunately it also
> sounds beyond my KEN. (har) What's an IPX?

I misspoke, it's actually a Sun Classic.  A Sun Classic is
a brick like computer about a foot square, and 4-5 inches
tall.  It's really nice in places without much deskspace. 
Has built in networking, video, SCSI, and sound.  That
said, it's pretty slow, but can take up to 128MB of memory
if you max out the slots.  I think the CPU is a 40MHz Sparc
chip.  In this day and age, it's not good for much besides
a dumb terminal. :-)

I don't know the differences between it and an IPX. :-/


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