[UFO Chicago] Taking a mutt home from the pound

Nick Moffitt nick@zork.net
Tue, 29 Apr 2003 15:40:19 -0700

begin  Lukas Eklund  quotation:
> Quoting Jesse Becker:
> > 1)  There are a number of redraw problems.  When I view the
> No idea on this one.

	Looks like a terminal problem.  He may want to try just going
plain ascii, or fixing his terminfo entry.

> > 3)  Any nifty tricks/suggestsions?  I'm currently using the
> > stock muttrc file, slightly tweaked.

mailboxes `echo ~/inboxes/*`
subscribe `cd ~/inboxes && echo *`

That's in my .muttrc to add all of my procmail'd inboxes to the
listings.  Note that I use ~/inboxes/ for my split-inboxes dir.  You
should adjust my suggestions wherever you see that string.  

Also check out my bogofilter setup for my .muttrc:

macro index s "<enter-command>unset wait_key\n<tag-prefix><pipe-entry>bogofilter -Sn\n<enter-command>set wait_key\n<tag-prefix><save-entry>"
macro pager s "<enter-command>unset wait_key\n<pipe-entry>bogofilter -Sn\n<enter-command>set wait_key\n<save-entry>"
macro index r "<enter-command>unset wait_key\n<tag-prefix><pipe-entry>bogofilter -n\n<enter-command>set wait_key\n<tag-prefix><reply>"
macro pager r "<enter-command>unset wait_key\n<pipe-entry>bogofilter -n\n<enter-command>set wait_key\n<reply>"
macro index g "<enter-command>unset wait_key\n<tag-prefix><pipe-entry>bogofilter -n\n<enter-command>set wait_key\n<tag-prefix><group-reply>"
macro pager g "<enter-command>unset wait_key\n<pipe-entry>bogofilter -n\n<enter-command>set wait_key\n<group-reply>"
macro index l "<enter-command>unset wait_key\n<tag-prefix><pipe-entry>bogofilter -n\n<enter-command>set wait_key\n<tag-prefix><list-reply>"
macro pager l "<enter-command>unset wait_key\n<pipe-entry>bogofilter -n\n<enter-command>set wait_key\n<list-reply>"
macro index X "<enter-command>unset wait_key\n<tag-prefix><pipe-entry>bogofilter -Ns\n<enter-command>set wait_key\n<tag-prefix><delete-message>"
macro pager X "<enter-command>unset wait_key\n<pipe-entry>bogofilter -Ns\n<enter-command>set wait_key\n<delete-message>"
color index red black '~h ^X-Bogosity:.Yes,.tests=bogofilter'

The X key is bound to "delete as spam", basically.  If you reply to or
save a mail, it's OBVIOUSLY NOT SPAM, so we register it thusly.  This
allows me to go into my zztrash folder and just re-save all the false
positives to where they should go.  That last line colors all spams
red in my index list.

Haven't had to do that in a couple months though.  Bogofilter is leet.

For those of you looking for the rest of my picture, here's my

| bogofilter -u -e -p


* ^X-Bogosity: Yes, tests=bogofilter

* ^(X-list: |Sender: owner-|X-BeenThere: |Delivered-To: mailing list |X-(Mailing-)?List: <|X-Loop: )\/[-A-Za-z0-9_+]+

This filters spams into inboxes/zztrash, ufo into inboxes/ufo, etc
etc.  I've got a few exceptions for hand-maintained alias-style lists,
but that gets the overwhelming majority of mailing lists.

This one's always fun:

* ^(X-Mailer|User-Agent):.*(Win|Eudora|Forte Agent|Microsoft|MIME-tools|Win|Internet Mail Service|Phasma|Mailloop|Apple Mail|JMail|Mach5|MIME)