[UFO Chicago] tonight?!

Larry Garfield larry@garfieldtech.com
Thu, 24 Apr 2003 14:30:51 -0500

I won't be coming either, I'm going to see Larry Lessig speak at NU. 
Should we just have the meeting there tonight? :-)

Peter A. Peterson II wrote:
> Crappo -- this is a bad sign... I can't make it to UFO again tonight,
> and I totally forgot about making an announcement... I'm just too busy
> these days.
> Is anyone planning on coming?
> Also, is someone interested in taking the responsibility of making
> announcements and/or updating the calendar page? At least making
> announcements? I can get you an account and all that good stuff. 
> I'm also not "dropping" UFO by any means -- i'm just too busy with
> other things at the moment. (see http://redvinegar.net/shows.html)
> Anyway, are people planning on coming tonight?
> Peter

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